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Does wearing shapewear daily can cause problems ?

no , as long as you choose the right size . They shouldn’t give you a problem as soon you felt discomfort stop using it . Shapewear helps to correct your posture , weight loss , and enhance your curves. 


What should do before o buy a girdles or faja ?

You must check the size chart then what is your needs as ; postpartum , post cirugía , everyday use , fitness or for dress up . Also look for the right compression and examine the fabric to avoid allergic reaction . 


How can I choose a girdles or faja ?

The compresión is very important and every occasion is a different girdles . 

Can I wear my girdles to slept ?

If your doctor recommend it , you can wear it . Bedtime should be resting time for you body too .

Which girdles is better for me ? 

The one you will use it , and don’t hire it on your closet . That’s our phylosophy to help a women to wear a garment as daily use and felt comfortable as your second skin . Allure Boutique only offer you the best of the best Colombians girdles or fajas in the industry . We have diferent styles in order to satisfied your needs and help you to get to your goal . 

Can a girdle or faja help me with my posture ? 

Absolutely , girdles will help you to have a better posture and realign your back issues . 

Is it safe to wear a bodyshapers ? 

Absolutelly , the most important is the quality and the comfort . Wear your right size . Allure Boutique offers you the best of the best fajas or girdles which is designed with the high technology in fashion . Our Melibelt girdles are designed with Alo Vera micro capsules that help you skin kept hydrated and toning at the same time . Our design help you to have your hourglass body with totally comfort as your second skin . 

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