Fajas Melibelt

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   Allure Boutique’s priority is always look for the better product to offer to their customers . Our philosophy is look good outside ,  inside and also under your favorite dress , work clothes and gym clothes . One of our clothes we love to offer to our clients is fajas Melibelt , we choose Melibelt because it offers a great shape , comfort and seamless design.

   The benefits of choosing Melibelt is it has hight standard technology that helps with all the mentions about it  

helps after stetick cirugía 

Helps the skin stick with muscle 

It’s a hipo allergy  fabric

Adaptable any weather condition

seamless garments 

Double reinforment on the abdominal area

Its comforts fabric help to felt comfortable on the move 

its interior fabrics helps to avoid grow bacteria and

fungus contains micropcapsile of aloe Vera for a better

and hydrate skin.


The design and fabric give the shape and compresión you needed it to make the perfect Faja or girdles. The fabric contains aloe Vera micro capsule that it spread on the move , the sensational of this advance technology is give you the smoothing inside fabric and hydrate your skin as leaving as silky skin  . It contains 75 nutrients incluy minerals , amino acids and vitamins beneficial for our skin .


The guide of move free and comfortable , the fabrics is made with high technology that it’s contains elastic fabrics that gives you free to move and comfort.




The textiles absorb UVA and UVB which protect the skin against the UV  light . The textile is used with sun protection technology that helps us to protect from the sun as UPF 50.



This garment is percfectly design with high quality textile that create a perfect fit . The perfect fit design gives you the siluette desired . Give you the right compresión in different parts of the garments to enhance your figure . Everything in right place to have the right shape also give us flexibility and maximum comfort since the first try it on .