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Fajas Melibelt

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Allure boutique choose Melibelt because of its high standards fabric , design and solar protection .

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Duck Embryo Extract Hair Care by Lissia

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Embryon Duck kit is the number one hair treatment in Colombia .The duck embryo shampoo is very effective simply because it contains elements, which are very helpful for your hair; this makes it the most complete hair care  on the market. The Duck Embryo Shampoo component is based on the accelerated renewal of the epidermis dead hair cells, the result is an improvement in general health and a rejuvenation of the scalp.

The embryo Uniqueness
This Colombia LAboratorios LIssia product contains duck embryo extract, plant extracts with recognized capillary action, plus silicones and great conditioners. It is a nourishing hair treatment with immediate effect, leaving your hair manageable, silky, soft and shiny. Check some other benefits below:

• The Duck Embryo shampoo content: Natural ingredients and great care products make your hair less frail and brittle, preventing it from falling.
• The capillary ampule of the duck embryo contains embryonic duck extract, approved herbal extracts
• Benefits at a capillary level, silicones, and complex conditioners, it nutritive capillary healing for immediate effect makes your hair practical.
• Duck embryo shampoo helps moisture and protects damaged hair, prevents hair loss and strengthens the roots and scalp.

Duck Embryo Health Benefits.

The duck embryos aside being helpful in hair products such as shampoo do provide noteworthy health benefits also, as long as you employ them in moderation out there!

The duck embryo Extract here contains Protein, amino acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Minerals etc. The duck embryo activity on hair is based on the accelerated renovation of hair cells.


It is used in general hair repair, especially for being an activator of hair growth, it’s put in hair products to stimulate growth and prevent hair loss. Among other benefits, duck embryo gives strength to hair tissues.

It indeed stimulates the cellular respiration and favoring the elimination of metabolic residues; the result concretized into the improvement of the general state of your health and rejuvenation of your scalp.


The duck embryo is based on a complex and exclusive treatment destined to hydrate and to protect the hair from the root to the tips


How Does The Duck Embryo Shampoo Clean My Hair?

We have carried out the research and will help you solve the complex answer to this question. Duck embryo shampoo removes dirt, the detergents used in the shampoo, however, arespecialized in this work, since a detergent must act to remove excess oil from the hair.


The sebum on the scalp and hair is hydrophobic, which means it does not move when rinsing the hair with water. In other words, water cannot dissolve this type of oil.


A detergent portion in a duck embryo shampoo acts as just a surfactant, that is, it reduces the very surface pressure between water as well as sebum. This actually makes it easier for the detergent molecule to associate with oils and dirt particles.


To prevent your hair from breaking and tearing completely with the surfactants used, duck embryo shampoo contains several types of care ingredients to protect your hair.


Lastly, in Duck Embryo Shampoo Bottle holds a lot to help you clean your hair! This Duck Embryo Shampoo will be of great help for your hair, so I recommend you buy one and you will always want to come back to order more of it.

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Cellulite caffeine Cream

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Cellulite cream , the caffeine cream helps to tighter your skin and look it even .

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The best Shapewear for dresses , our BB 5022 is our best seller for their comfort , seamless and compression . It’s made in Colombia

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Postpartum Girdles

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